The Last Viceroy

Our Story

Our Story

The Last Viceroy opened its doors as the first Indian Restaurant in Bourne End in 1986, proudly presenting the rich flavours of Royal Indian Cuisine.

The Viceroys of India were administrative officials appointed by the British Sovereign as charge d’affaires for the British Raj, an entity that today comprises most of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Our cuisine reflects the rich heritage of Royal Indian Cuisine, from its earliest Persian influences through the Royal Courts of the Mughal Emperors, the reign of the Viceroys of India and to present day.

Our food philosophy is driven by a passion to honour that heritage. Our dishes are prepared with the finest ingredients such as Grade I New Zealand lamb, British beef and locally-sourced fresh chicken, all to complement our hand-picked spice selection and our own sauces produced in-house.

With our zeal for excellence, our menu reflects nearly three decades of dishes produced to the highest standards. We’re equally proud to honour special requests.

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